Cardio – By Your Side / Can’t Let Go

RELEASE DATE: January 15th, 2019
Cardio is somewhat of an enigma. As an artist, he has been involved with the Wave scene for a few years – featuring in Plastician’s first ever ‘Wavepool’ mix under the name ‘Yung Still’. Since then he has flipped between aliases, producing grime and dubstep-influenced music under the name Mook. With Cardio, the London-based artist concentrates on creating tracks which are distinctly more sensitive, whilst remaining boundary-pushing. Cardio’s debut release, ‘Why’, dropped on esteemed Wave label Yusoul earlier this year; shortly after this earned he earned a place on Yusoul’s third compilation. The Wave community has been anticipating his next release ever since.

Cardio creates something profound and somewhat surprising on this two-side release for, which he describes as Wave. On ‘By Your Side / Can’t Let Go’, Cardio invokes the euphoric soundscape of 00’s dubstep, promising to stir up nostalgia in millennial electronic music fans everywhere. The leading track, ‘By Your Side’, is a digital ballad of epic proportions. The ghostly trilling and liquid bassline transport the listener to a luscious, meditative place. The track’s B-side, ‘Can’t Let Go’, capitalises on this intensity, fusing yearning female vocals with whirring, wobbling bass. Rarely is this retro sound pallet revisited in such a confident or tasteful fashion. ‘By Your Side/Can’t Let Go’ is a powerful demonstration of Cardio’s musical ethos which serves to further establish as a visionary force in the international Wave scene.

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