Noah B x Just Connor – Realm: Instant Experience

Noah B x Just Connor – Realm: Instant Experience EP

RELEASE DATE: December 19th, 2018
Following the release of his full-length album ‘South Hills,’ and a string of shows across the US, Noah B is back with ‘Realm: Instant Experience,’ a four-track release on, this time in partnership with down-tempo prodigy Just Connor. Just Connor gained scene-wide attention after earning a coveted spot on Plastician’s seminal ‘Wavepool 2’ compilation and being featured on ‘ – Vol 1. ‘

With ‘Realm: Instant Experience,’ Noah B and Just Connor pay homage to the sound which bought them together. The EP is beautiful, hard-hitting and unapologetically wavey. Just as the EP’s name suggests, no time is lost on drawn-out introductions, with a heady, club-ready banger in the first track, ‘Infinity Edge.’ ‘Veilance’ then proceeds to deepen the intensity, taking things darker with hypnotic drums, futuristic soundscapes and a progressive structure. ‘Veliance’ closes after a couple of meditative climaxes, leading us into the next track, ‘Murakami’, which has a distinctly oriental feel. Named after the novelist, ‘Murakami’ pulls the listener back and forth across a sweet-spot of psychedelic bliss. The EP ends with ‘Virtuous Contract,’ a titanic masterpiece which utilizes Wave’s renowned glacial sound pallet to craft a poignant closing track.

‘Realm: Instant Experience’ is an instant classic. Noah B and Just Connor use their talents to cast insight into Wave at its finest. Deep, sensitive and categorically designed for the dance floor, ‘Realm: Instant Experience’ is liable to evoke all manner of profound sensation in the listener and convert any novice to the sound.

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